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ocday boscam fpv tx ts351 5 8g 200mw av audio video transmitter sender 2 0km 2000m range 5 8 ghz 5705 5945mhz купить в интернет-магазине

Brand N/A Model TS351 Quantity 1 Piece(s)/pack Color Silver + blue + black Material Aluminium alloy Compatible device Multi-axis frame Functions Transmiting Other Feature Can work with RC805 or RC305 receiver; Specifications: Transmitting frequency: 5705~5945MHz; 8-channel; Transmitting power: 23dBm / 200mW; Transmitting distance: further than 2000 meters; Frequency control: Built-in frequency and phase lock loop; AV input: Analog AV signal input; Power supply voltage: 7~15V; Video bandwidth: 0~8.0MHz; Audio carrier frequency: 6.5MHz; Supply current: 150mA; Antenna connector: SMA connector; Dimension: 55 x 26 x 17mm Packing List 1 x TS351 transmitter 1 x Antenna 2 x Connection cables (25cm / 20.5cm)

OCDAY Boscam FPV TX TS351 5.8G 200mW AV Audio Video Transmitter Sender 2.0Km 2000m Range 5.8 ghz 5705-5945MHz
816.03 RUR
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Boscam TS5833 2000mW 5.8GHz Video AV Audio Video Transmitter Sender FPV TX
4781.93 RUR
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Boscam FPV 5.8G 200mW Wireless Audio Video Transmitter Module TX5823
10.99 RUR
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1.2Ghz 2500mw 8CH Wireless Audio&Video AV Transmitter and 12CH Receiver,FPV Tx and Rx Sender Kit Long Range
9185.93 RUR
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TS351 5.8G 200mW 8-Channel AV Video FPV TX Transmitter - Silver + Blue + Black
1428.05 RUR
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LHM011 Boscam Thunderbolt 2000 2000mW 5.8GHz Video AV Audio Video Transmitter Sender FPV
6035.66 RUR
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BOSCAM rc fpv av transmitter 5.8ghz 600mw 32CH mini wireless audio video model quadcopter remote clover leaf TX airplane drone
2374.95 RUR
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100% original Boscam FPV 5.8ghz 200mW Video Audio Wireless Transmitter TS351 For RC Car MultiCopter 2Km Range
726.98 RUR
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5.8G 200mW FPV Video Audio 8CH AV Transmitter TX 5.8GHz RX Receiver Set 2KM 2000M for FPV Wireless RC Aircraft Car
1289.41 RUR
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Boscam FPV Wireless AV Audio Video System 5.8Ghz 5.8g 600mw 48Ch ts832 Transmitter tx RC832 Plus Receiver Monitor Camera COMBO
3911.05 RUR
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Boscam TX58-2W 32-CH 5.8GHz 2000mw FPV Wireless AV Transmitter - Black
5402.23 RUR
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Boscam FPV 2.0Km 2000m Range 5.8G 200mW AV Wireless TX Wireless Transmitter TS351 TS-351 For RC Car MultiCopter F17957
759.67 RUR
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Boscam FPV 5.8G 5.8Ghz 2W 2000mW 8 Channels 8CH Wireless Audio Video AV Transmitter TS582000 and Receiver RC305 Combo
2459.81 RUR
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New Long Range FPV system Boscam 5.8GHz 2000mw 40 Channels Wireless AV Transmitter TX58-2W and Receiver RC58-32CH 10KM Range
6362.52 RUR
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FPV 1.2Ghz 1.2G 8CH 1500mw Wireless AV Sender TV Audio Video Transmitter Receiver For QAV250 250 FPV Quadcopter
3450.25 RUR
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