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4gb a data c802 red x купить в интернет-магазине

Actual storage: 3.2GB to 3.8GB; Connector: USB connector it works without driver support hot plugging. Applicable models: Various kinds of PC and computers Macintosh PowerBook iMAC or ibooks. Operating system: Windows 7 / 95 / 98 / 95 / 98 / XP / ME / NT Vista Linux UNIX PC DOS DR DOS Mac OS and OS / 2 etc. Electricity: USB bus power supply (4.5 V~5.5 V); Working current: <50 mA; High-efficiency: data transfer rate is extremely high. A compact lovable cartoon character can bring a lot of visual enjoyment for you and give you a good mood. It is also convenient and portable.

USB Flash накопитель 4GB A-Data C802 Red X'mas снеговик
640 RUR
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e-J X-DEPO USB 2.0 / Micro USB Dual Interface High Speed Flash Drive - Red (4GB)
587.43 RUR
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HDD A-Data HD650 1Tb USB 3.0 Red
4490 RUR
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Guitar Shaped USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Red + Yellow (4GB)
366.15 RUR
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Cartoon Bridegroom Style USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Red + Black (4GB)
378.04 RUR
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Strawberry Shaped USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Red + Green (4GB)
379.17 RUR
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Genuine Kingston Data Traveler USB 2.0 Flash - Blue (4GB)
524.05 RUR
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USB Male to Micro USB Male Data Sync & Charging Cable - Red (100cm)
122.24 RUR
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YUANXIN X-2012RE USB 2.0 Charging/Data Extension Cable for Samsung - Red + White (80cm)
159.59 RUR
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Data Frog 2017 New 4GB Video Game Console TV Consoles with 600 Games Transparent Gamepad Family Player for GBA/NEOGEO/NES/SNES
3271.69 RUR
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Woven Nylon Micro USB Male to USB 2.0 Male Data Sync / Charging Cable - Red + Blue (100cm)
140.92 RUR
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USB 2.0 to Micro USB Retractable Data Charging Cable - Red + White
161.85 RUR
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USB Flash Drive 16Gb - A-Data UD310 Red AUD310-16G-RRD
454 RUR
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Cute Cartoon Fish Style USB 2.0 Flash Drive Disk - Red + White (4GB)
401.81 RUR
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A-003 USB Male to Micro USB Male Data Nylon Cable - Black + Red (145cm)
225.8 RUR
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